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Sunday morning services have started in Ying-toako

Many of you may have already read what God did a few months back in a village called Ying-toako.  If you didn’t here is the post, “a night to remember“.  Pastor Salif has been going out there every few weeks, but he is already leading two other churches. Adding a third would be hard.  In one of our pastors meetings, one of the pastors asked if we could send somebody out to Ying-toako every week so that we could start having Sunday morning services on a regular basis.


The plan was simple.  Make a rotation of those pastors who can go.  Then, buy a motorcycle to travel from Pissila to Ying-Toako (13 miles).


Ying-Toako is out in the middle of nowhere.


I had mentioned the work to some of my missionary friends.  They asked me about our plans.  I told them that we would start as soon as I had enough money to purchase a motorcycle.  Much to my surprise, they teamed together and helped to buy the motorcycle for the new work.


Pastor  Justin was the first to go.  So I am going to post some pics he took of his trip:


Pastor Justin is getting ready to leave Ouagadougou to go to Pissla (over a three hour trip).


We are currently in our rainy season and he told me he had many spots that were hard to cross.


Justin Simpore

If you can’t get cell phone reception, no problem, just climb a tree until you can.



This is the type of food that they eat everyday.  They take millet and make it into a dough ball and eat it with different sauces.



They started their night service after 10pm and finished after midnight.  They worked all day in their fields.  Then, they came home, cooked, ate, got cleaned up and came to service.  There were 28 that made professions of faith in Christ.



Pastor Justin is a great preacher of the Word of God.  He told me that they were shocked that a man of his stature would bow and kneel in front of them.  A chief or a man who is high up wouldn’t ever do that.  He told them that he wasn’t any better than any of them and that he is simply a servant of God.


Justin Simpore

Pastor Salif is leading the people in prayer.  He is doing a tremendous job in his region.  Another village has asked him to come and start a church.  I wish I had 100 more young men like Salif.


Salif Ouedraogo


I am thrilled with what God is doing.  I will have the great opportunity to travel out to Ying-toako in two weeks.  God is so good.




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