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Three years ago began a very special time for a few of our members. There was great expectation for what lied ahead. They put in a lot of hours in spite of jobs, families and other daily affairs. Three years later and a lot of hard work we had seven people graduate from our Bible Institute. I am so proud of their dedication and what they have achieved. We had five faithful members who wanted to learn more about the Bible. We had two other men who have felt that God has called them into the ministry full-time. They did many extra courses.


One lady, Madame Dianda, was one of the graduates. She is a single mother that has been a member of our church since 2007. She works all day to support herself and her children. She would come about 5-10 min. late to every night class, not because of slackness, but because she came straight from work. She would finally arrive home after class about 8:45 pm and begin to cook for her and her family. I am truly touched by dedication of so many of our members. I am proud to be their pastor.


Another missionary told me that Pastor Justin is every missionary’s dream. I couldn’t agree more. Justin loves God and the ministry. He was working two good paying jobs (on Burkinabe standard). In order to study in the Bible Institute and lead a church, his salary went from $500 a month to $100. In spite of the physical loss and struggle, I have never heard him complain or talk about making a mistake. He preaches the Bible with fire and passion. We are currently pastoring Living Water Baptist Church together.


Thanks so much for your prayers and support for the ministry here in Burrkina Faso.  You are a vital part of what God is doing.



One Response to “Graduation”

  1. Andrea Fortner Says:

    Great testimonies. I am always inspired by the things that you share. They make what we do for Christ seem so insignificant.

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