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Doesn’t get any better than this

There are moments in life where one may think, “It doesn’t get any better than this!”.  It might be winning a championship or getting married or landing a new job.  Sunday Dec. 30th was one of those days for me.  It was a cold windy day for Burkina.  It was in the 70s and the Burkinabes freeze when it is below 80.  Pastor Gilbert had called me a month before and asked me to come for their first Baptism.  Gilbert started this church in July, and God has saved many souls.  I had been sick since Friday night with aches and fever.  Saturday, I preached a marriage and then one hour later I preached a funeral.  I was suffering physically, but there was no way that I was going to call Gilbert and cancel.  We traveled an hour and half away.

God gave me enough strength to preach a message from the Word of God.  Then we proceeded to the baptism.  There were over 20 people gathered around the baptismal.  Their faces were lit up with smiles from ear to ear.  It is an amazing thing to see the excitement of a new church.  Half the water had run out, and it was very cold for them but that wasn’t going to stop them.  I told Gilbert to make them sit down and then baptize them.  Gilbert was so excited he about forgot what to say.  My wife (thinking what I was already thinking) looked at me and said, “Is this better than you baptizing?”  Seeing my son in the faith standing in the baptismal, baptizing new converts who he had won and watching the one being baptized and the one baptizing with huge smiles on their faces.  No doubt about it,  IT IS BETTER.

That night I stayed home from church.  I called my wife home from church to get me and take me to the hospital because I was shaking uncontrollably.  I was there two nights.  By the Grace of God I am better.  Running wide open sometimes has its consequences, and one might ask, “would you change anything?”  Not a chance!

Pastor Gilbert getting ready to baptize.

One of the six who were baptized.

My wonderful kids.

2 Responses to “Doesn’t get any better than this”

  1. Bonnie Peace Says:

    Yes you were blessed to see your spiritual son and his spiritual children baptised. We pray that you take it a ‘bit’ slower, not only for your health, but for your wife. She already has four to care for……….well, you know.
    Love & Prayers,
    Bonnie Peace (retired/retarted RN)
    Last night was 27 degrees here in the desert and yes, we also freeze when it is below 75.

  2. Sheila Says:

    Oh my, pastor, I too hope you will take good care of yourself. We need wonderful, dedicated missionaries like you to keep on keeping on for the Lord, but if you get sick, then you can’t do the work, so maybe the Lord just has to rest you sometimes, because He knows you are excited about his work, and souls.

    How thrilling to see the Lord work so wonderfully. I have you and your family and the work in my prayers.

    Take care and God bless and keep you all close.

    Sister Sheila
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Melbourne, FL

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