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The Battle rages on….

The Bible says that mine eye affecteth my heart. My heart was greatly touched while making our trip to and from Ghana in February.  We saw evidence of the rapid expansion of Islam here in West Africa. I was greatly burdened to see so many mosques, knowing more and more people are being blinded to the truth. Not only do we see mosques in key cities; but, as you can see from the picture below, they are found in the smaller villages as well.  When the mosque is the nicest building in the area, and the only religious institution, of course, people are going to come. For years, we have used every excuse in the book as to why we, as true followers of Christ have not evangelized the world. We say we don’t have enough money, time, or resource, but my friends, look at this picture.  Someone is getting to them before we do.

Every time we travel, we see more mosques. We have seen evidence of the Islam religion growing in just the last two years. How our hearts are burdened to reach this country and the surrounding areas before they are totally closed off.  Please pray with us that God will give us the wisdom we need to reach these precious souls and that he would send forth labors. Perhaps He is even calling you to join in the fight.

Village Mosque in Ghana

2 Responses to “The Battle rages on….”

  1. Johnny Leslie Says:

    Brother we are praying for more laborers in the field. Time is so short, and so many people have still never heard the Gospel message.

  2. Johnny Leslie Says:

    We are certainly in a battle. False religions are every where. May God help us all to do our best to reach them before the isms of the world do.

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