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Resurrection day

I want to wish all of you a great Resurrection day.  We had a wonderful service in the morning.  What was great was that we baptized 10 people.  Baptism is such a special time.  All of them were young people.  Probably between 14-25 years old.  Tonight, we had one profession of faith.

Another exciting thing that happened today was that our sister Eveline was able to come to church.  When I saw her at church, my face lit up and my heart was filled with joy.  A little over a month ago, we didn’t know if she would walk again.  God is good; thanks for your prayers.

We have had a measles outbreak.  I know that we take vaccinations against it but I have never seen anybody actually with it.  I got a call on Thursday night that one of our members(Maria) had it.  I went Friday afternoon and they had blocked off a huge section of land and had tents up.  There were a lot of people that were there being treated.  Maria was being released, so I took her home.  The sickness had wiped her totally out but she is better.  Today, another lady told me that three of her children had it last week.

God is good and I praise Him for the privilege to serve a risen Saviour.

2 Responses to “Resurrection day”

  1. Johnny Leslie Says:

    Great to hear about all the baptisms. We rejoice with you for what God is doing through you.

  2. Karie Beth Says:

    Eveline is back?! Great! I thought you said she was paralized. So is she walking again? This sounds wounderful… what a blessing to hear!

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