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Prayer time

I was coming home tonight and decided to buy some street food. I guess that phrase may seem strange to some but that is exactly what it is here. At night many different people will set up a little stand and sell. You can buy chicken (looks more like the size of Quail), sheep, rice and sauce, fish, etc. We buy this food sometimes for three reasons: (1)It doesn’t cost much, (2)we like it, and (3)my wife gets a break from the hot kitchen(my wife added that comment).

I was ordering some fish and attieke(a special dish from the Ivory Coast) when a bunch of men, about 20, were gathering together. I watched them as they washed their hands and feet. They then formed two lines, lining up shoulder by shoulder. Then they proceeded to pray. I watched them as they repeated the same prayer time and time again. They do the same motions every time they pray (stand, squat, kneel, and touch their face to the ground then repeat the procedure). What breaks my heart is that they are praying to a dead god. The reason why they repeat a prayer and do the motions is because they believe God is impersonal. I am glad that we have a God that wants to be personally involved with us. He loves us and wants to communicate with us. I was just thinking as I was watching them God has really blessed the ministry thus far, but we have lots left to do. My heart breaks for those who are trapped in religion and don’t know the freedom from our sins that Christ brings. May God help us to reach these people before it is to late.

One Response to “Prayer time”

  1. Jason Rishel Says:

    Brother Keith, we will all keep you in our prayers as you witness to the muslims. Thank God that He loves us enough to care for us personally, and that He’s the living God.

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