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Emile’s Testimony

I have written about Emile before, but it has been a little while. He just finished his sixth year of Law School. He has a great heart and a great character. I have challenged him to be serious with God. For a long time he was off and on, but lately, he has been growing like crazy. He told me yesterday that he was moved one day when I told him that I wanted him to read his Bible each day and I would call him each day to see if he has done it and he can do likewise. He said at that time, he realized that my desire is to see him grow and follow the Lord, and he took the challenge. He started reading through John and we would talk about it over the phone or through e-mail. We started in the book of Acts, and we were supposed to be on Acts 2. He told me that he got a little excited about what was going on in Acts and couldn’t stop. He told me sorry. I didn’t know that somebody had to ask forgiveness for reading too far in his Bible. He had read to chapter 19 yesterday, and today he has finished Acts.

We met Emile in July 2006 when we had a group of young people here. He was off and on for a long time. He told me one day that twice he had promised God that if God would help him in the current situation that he would give God his whole life, but after he was successful he wasn’t faithful. It is amazing what a little encouragement and push can make somebody do. Emile is highly faithful and is going to be used greatly of God. He has a big decision coming up. He has been accepted to a university in Geneva, Switzerland. I would hate to see him go, but I told him that I couldn’t tell him what the will of God is for his life.

One Response to “Emile’s Testimony”

  1. Jason Rishel Says:

    Brother Keith, thank you for putting so much time into Emile, and helping him grow in God. I will pray that God will greatly use him.

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