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Mooré Bible College growing!!!!

3 years ago, we started training a few men in a village near Pissila called Roungou. These three men felt called into the ministry. I have often said that our task is to take who God gives us and train them for what God calls them to. These men are villagers and don’t speak French. They speak in their tribal tongue, Mooré. Not only did we have a language barrier, but these men didn’t have an education. They couldn’t read so the task in front of us was great. How do we train these men? Even though we are learning and constantly revamping the program, it has been great to watch these three men grow in their faith.   This year we have a total of 6 students.

There is no way that I can fully express to you what God is doing in this region. We started in Roungou in 2005. Pastor Salif moved to the market town called Pissila in 2012 and started a church there. Since then God has opened up three other villages to us in the region. Some of these villages had never had the Gospel preached in them. We have seen hundreds of these beautiful people trust Christ as their Saviour. There are over 60 villages that surround Pissila and we are wanting to reach all of them.

God gave us five acres in Pissila a few years ago. Last year we built a small room that is used for church and a classroom. Earlier this year God allowed us to drill and hit water.  We are in need of building two dorm rooms for the Bible College. One room will be for the pastors (professors) who will travel in for the week to train these men and the other for the men in training. The churches are coming together to gather the sand and rocks that are necessary to build. Would you pray that God would raise up around $4,000 in order to build these two rooms?

Macedonia Bible College

Macedonia Bible College

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