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Men’s meeting at Pissila

A few months back, I was preaching at a new village work near Pissila, where Pastor Salif is laboring. This was the second time that I preached there. The first time about 30 woman and children made professions of faith.

The second time we went there about 150 people came out. Old men, young men, old women, younger women and children were all present. I preached on finishing our course. At the end we gave an invitation to receive Christ, and it was much like the first time. A few woman and children raised their hands. No men raised their hand or even made a move. This isn’t the first time that this has happened, and it certainly won’t be the last. We are always thrilled when anybody puts their faith in Christ but not having one man (even a young man) to make a profession indicates a problem. The older men were thrilled by our presence and said they enjoyed the message.  They even gave me a few chickens as a symbolic gift. They are not against their wives or children making a decision, but it seems like many of them don’t want to make that decision.  I have heard them say that they are bound to stay in the religion that was handed down to them.

While dodging bushes and trees in the dark traveling back to Pissila, I began to express my concern to Salif and Dominique ( a young preacher in training). I asked them if they noticed that not one man or young man made a move. An idea came to me as we had this discussion. Let’s have a special men’s meeting in Pissila and invite the men of the four villages we are working in to come.

We didn’t know how it would turn out, but we were thrilled when teenagers and men came from these 5 locations. (Pissila and the village works) We had over 50 come. We started one afternoon and finished the next afternoon. We were able to teach or preach four different times on the role of the man in the church. We divided into two different groups, and we played many different games. Everybody seemed to have a great time. We plan on doing this again.



Men's meeting in Pissila

Men’s meeting in Pissila

Having fun playing games.

Having fun playing games.

Baptists can't have fellowship without food.

Baptists can’t have fellowship without food.

When the villagers are happy with your visit they will normally give you chickens.

When the villagers are happy with your visit, they will normally give you chickens.

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