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Don’t stop hitting the rock

One of the greatest blessings that we saw at Pastor’s camp was the growth of the pastor’s wives.  For many years, even though they were sweet women, some of their hearts weren’t one hundred percent engaged.  When they got married, some of the ladies lacked spiritual maturity as they had not been with us for very long.  Certainly a lack of education played a role in some of this.  One pastor told me a few years ago, “My wife is a good wife but not a spiritual one.”

Almost every time my wife taught the pastors wives, she would come to me wondering if she was getting anywhere.  I told her, I believe it is like a very strong rock.  You have to hit the rock over and over.  You think you aren’t getting anywhere and the rock isn’t going to break.  You get tired but you keep hitting it.  All of a sudden, it breaks.  Well the pastor’s wives broke (in a good way).  Before they saw the ministry as their husband’s job, but now they are taking an active role in helping the church to grow.  God has done a miracle in their lives.  This year at pastor’s camp, they gave testimonies of how God is using them in their respective ministries.

My challenge to you is to keep hitting the rock in whatever you are doing for the Lord.  Don’t think your work is in vain.  From the start of planting a seed and harvesting takes time.  I think many times missionaries, pastors, Sunday school teachers and others who are serving the Lord have hit the rock many times, and they gave up right before it was going to break.  Don’t give up.  Keep investing, keep hitting, keep serving the Lord with everything you have.  Our labor is not in vain.

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