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God can use you — The story of Alimata

I have often heard through the years, “I can’t be used of God.”  Whether it is a perceived lack of talents, lack of desire, messed up past, etc. many have come to this conclusion.  No doubt, God’s greatest desire for mankind is to save Him by His grace and a close second is His desire to use man.  Most of people’s excuses are just that: excuses. 

I want to tell you a little bit about Alimata.  She comes from a village that is very remote and called Touroum-Naba-Yangré.  Women typically don’t have many rights in the villages of Burkina Faso.  They do most of the work, but don’t have the power to make many decisions.  They are expected to do what they are told with very little concern for their needs or wants. 

Alimata started coming to one of our village works about 3 and half years ago.  She was gloriously born again and was baptized a few months later.  Her village is a little over 3 miles away from Ying-Toako.  I began to realize that she was always one of the first to come, and she always had a group coming with her from her village.  The amount of people she would bring could vary from 5 to 10 each week.  One day she approached Pastor Salif and I and asked, “Is there any way you could come and preach in my village?   I have tried to invite everybody, but many haven’t come.”  A few weeks later we arrived in her village.  She prepared us a meal (something she always does and gives something she probably couldn’t afford to eat herself.)  After eating, there were around 20 people there.  I got my Bible ready, (thinking I would be preaching to those in front of me) and she told us, “Many of the village are already gathered at the chief’s house.  I have already gone from hut to hut to invite them.”  When we arrived at the chief’s house we saw a great crowd of people.  Well over 100,  maybe 150.  We preached and 20 or so got saved by the grace of God.  Through the years many of the villagers have come to Christ. 

When I was approached by a man desiring to put in another well, I immediately knew where we were going to put the well.  If anybody could have used the excuse, I can’t be used of God, Alimata could have.   Today, she is the reason that her village has received both spiritual and physical water.


Alimata and I are enjoying the water coming out.

Alimata and I are enjoying the water coming out.



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