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Give a Child a Chance — testimony of suffering and hope

I was shocked when I heard the news.  Pastor Justin told me that two of the orphans that we help have been living on their own.  Their mother had left them, and we didn’t know why.  We immediately went to where they were living to find out more.  The 13 year old boy was cooking for himself and his 10 year old sister.  They both had lost weight in the last few weeks.  They were dirty.  Their clothes were dirty.  The little girl’s hair was a mess.  The mother had left some money with a neighbor, but it had all been used up.  They were supposed to be sleeping at another neighbor’s house, but for many days they never showed up at night.

We asked one of the pastors if he could let them live with him until their mother showed back up.  Last week she came back.  I sat her down and talked with her.  She told me how her husband had gotten sick.  She had to totally take care of him.  It was a slow process.  She had to do everything for him (bath him etc.)  They sold their only transportation, an old moped for $200.  Soon that money was gone.  After selling off about everything they had, her husband died.  She was left with a few belongings and only about $6.  While telling us all of this she began to cry.  The Africans don’t cry much.  She told me that there were days they didn’t eat or didn’t eat much.  She couldn’t pay for school.  Because of all of these struggles many times she just wanted to die.  We are in the process of trying to help her establish some type of commerce so that she can support her family.

God allowed us to start a program to help orphans and kids in need to go to school.  We call it Give A Child A Chance.  There are children here that would not be able to go to school or have a chance at a better life if nobody helped them.  We currently help over 40 kids with school costs.  Most of them come to church for a Thursday program where we teach them about life and the Bible and feed them.  Many of these kids have been saved and are faithful to church on Sunday.  Some of their parents (or those who keep them) have been saved as a result of this program.

Thanks for all those who have given to this program.  It really has made a difference over the last few years in many children’s lives.  Only time will tell of the long term effect of what has been done and also the eternal effect of the compassion that has been shown.

Giving school supplies a few years ago.

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