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I was with Pastor Gilbert this past weekend.  His wife gave birth to a beautiful girl a week ago.  I preached and two people made professions of faith.  One thing that never gets old is watching people get birthed in the family of God.  After the pictures, I have added our last prayer letter that talks about Pastor Gilbert.  God is using Gilbert in a great way.

A member of First Baptist Church of South Brevard named, Jack Synder, was touched about the need for a moto for Gilbert and is going to give $500.  It is his hearts desire that others would give so that the other $500 would come in. Thanks so much Bro. Synder for your gift.

Keith Shumaker Preaching in Burkina Faso

Pastor Gilbert, His wife and their new baby girl

Baby Dedication with Keith Shumaker

August  2012

Dear Pastor and Praying Friends,

God has been doing so much the last few months, I am in awe.  I know that God can do anything, but I am amazed that He lets me be a part of it. We are blessed to be on the mission field.

The big church kick off in Pissila was wonderful.  Thanks for your prayers.  All three new works are doing great.  One of the new works located in Koudougou, the third largest town in Burkina Faso, is being lead by Pastor Gilbert Bationo.

Gilbert grew up in a very religious family, but he still had no clue about salvation.  He was caught between the church and animism.  Finally he heard and accepted the truth that only Jesus could save him from his sins.  He started coming to our church in the fall of 2007.

Gilbert had an offer in 2008 to go to another country for work.  This was a great opportunity for him, but God called him into the ministry so he didn’t leave.  In the fall of 2008, he started in the Bible College.  He was very zealous but immature in many things.  One day, when I took up a writing assignment for the Bible College, I realized that two papers said exactly the same thing.  I knew one had been copied.  I called Gilbert and another pastor in training together.  I asked who did their work and who copied.  They both said they did their own work.  (You must realize that many of these young men never had a father that taught them right from wrong or showed them much love as children).  I told them that one was lying.  Again they told me neither copied.  As the phrase goes, “I may be some dumb but I am not plumb dumb.”  I told them they both got an F and were on suspension until one confessed.  Four hours later, Gilbert came over and confessed.  I talked to him about cheating and lying almost like I would one my children.  I disciplined him, loved him and never gave up on him and I am glad that I never did.

He came to me in 2009 with a desire to start a ministry for orphans.  I really didn’t think it would work but I didn’t want to crush his vision.  He has successfully loved these 40 children over the years.  He has won many of them to the Lord and taught them about life.

I believe that he probably has won more people to the Lord (and many of them have stayed faithful) than anybody else in the church.  He has discipled many people also.

He has turned out to be one of the most zealous, passionate pastors that I have ever met.  God has called him to plant churches in the area where he grew up.  He has been busy in the city of Koudougou winning souls and discipling them.  I preached for him last week, (third Sunday of the new work) and there were 20 youth/adults there.  He is doing a great job.  He is actually from a little town about 10 miles from Koudougou.  Many have asked him to come and start a church there.  This town is called Réo.  We have already been there on numerous occasions and seen many souls saved.  Another man was present Sunday that lives about 10 miles in the other direction than the town of Réo.  He talked about the need of a church in his village as well.  Gilbert has a desire to reach these villages with the Gospel.  He has a bike but would be more efficient and effective with a motto.  One costs about $1000.  Would you please pray that God would meet this need?

Thanks for all you do for this ministry.  Because of you there are pastors like Gilbert doing the work of God.


His Servants,


Keith, Rebecca, Emily, Meredith, Isaac and Caleb


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  1. DODELER, Bernard & Bernice Says:

    We are deeply rejoicing over the good things God is pouring upon your ministry and family. Believers in France and believers here in America( where we are now on furlough) praise God for your faithfulness. WE LOVE YOU.

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