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Update on the ministry July/August

I am currently in North Africa and wanted to give an update on the last month or so:

  • July 22nd my family and I were with Pastor Gilbert in Koudougou.  This work began just a few weeks before.  I was shocked but pleased to see around 20 people there.  Gilbert is a very passionate and a zealous man of God.
  • July 28th – 29th, my family and I were with Pastor Salif and his family.  I wrote a few weeks back on the kickoff of this church in Pissila.  Salif is doing an unbelievable job.  It is amazing what God can do with man that has had little worldly education but loves Jesus with all his heart.  In spite of the rain 25 Burkinabes were present Sunday morning.  Salif has won most of these people to the Lord over the last few weeks.
  • August 6th – 10th we had our fifth youth camp.  We had over 55 young people (and a few older) present.  Our theme was based upon Eph. 5:14, “Awake thou that sleepest”.  So many Christians all over the world need a great revival (to awake) in their spiritual lives.  What a blessing to watch so many young people praying and giving their whole lives to the Lord.
  • As mentioned above, I am currently in North Africa with some of Macedonia World Baptist Missions Inc. missionaries.  For years my good friend Aaron has been working so hard with little fruit.  It is my fifth trip here and I can say that is is amazing to watch the fruit that has been recently reaped.  One many told me that he trained to be a terrorist.  He was ready to literally blow himself up but he has since come to Christ.  He said, “I had hate in my heart until I met Jesus, and now I have love.”

One Response to “Update on the ministry July/August”

  1. JaniceDavis Says:

    What a blessing and encourgement when people come to know the Lord. Very thankful for the pastors who have such a passion for souls being saved. Pastor Horst shared your work in chuch with us Sunday night. We are very thankful that the Lord called you and your family to North Africa and you went. May the Lord bless and Keep you and yours.

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