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What to do when your son becomes a man? Part 1

There comes a time when a challenge comes to every home all over the world. That is the day when the son (boy) begins to become a man.  They want to think for themselves, work for themselves, talk for themselves, make decisions for themselves, etc.  They no longer want to be pampered by their mothers and want to prove to their father they can handle the decisions of life.

Maybe you are thinking, what is Keith talking about.  His oldest son, Isaac is only 6 years old.  No I am not going crazy even though that could be debatable.  The time will come when Isaac and Caleb will cross this bridge but I still have time before that.

What I want to talk a little about are my sons in the faith.  God has given me many young men that love God and have given their lives to preach the Gospel.  Some have left good jobs and followed after God’s call.  I have been privileged to win some of these men to the Lord.  I have watched them grow in their faith.  I have seen God call them to preach.  I have been given the honor to train them in the Bible college and also in the practical ways.  Now some of them are becoming great men of God.

A few weeks back I had a very interesting conversation with one of the pastors.  I left our conversation confused.   This pastor had always been very compliant.  It wasn’t that our conversation was bad, nor was he disrespectful but I sensed a tension there that I never have before.  At home, a few hours later, it hit me.  He is growing up.  He is becoming a man.  He wants to prove to me he can do the work of God without me holding his hands.

2 Responses to “What to do when your son becomes a man? Part 1”

  1. Floyd "Tiny" Johnson Says:

    I read your article about “Young men you have bought up in the faith”. I too, have been where you are now and it isn’t easy but God will show you what to do when the time is right. You will let them go and when they need some help the Holy Spirit will show you what to do and when to do it. Be encouraged and thank God for allowing you this privilege to serve Him in this way.

  2. Bonnie Peace (Tucson) Says:

    Our son was attencing Clearwater (FL) Christian College when a high school friend (from a nice family) invited Don to a party. Unbeknown to Don there was a kid either selling/or smoking pot there. There was also a Narc present. ALL of the boys were arrested/taken to jail. Dad & I were at a SS Class party when Don phoned, :”Come get me”. Dad went I stayed with our SS Class. Dad returned stating that bail was $1,000. No one had that!! The group offered cash, credit cards, etc. We decided to pray and felt led to allow Don to stay in jail overnight. IT PAID OFF! Dad picked him up in the morning. Several of his friends from CCC came over/Don came in the front door/went straight to the bathroom/yelled for clean underwear/showered forever! He then told the guys that he NEVER wanted to do anything that would cause him to be put in that filthy place with all of those wirdos. YES, he grew up overnight. It was a lesson never to be forgotten. He has passed this on to his sons.
    God continue to bless you both as your serve Him.

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