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Sali — faithful to God

Sali has been a member of our church since 2007.  She had been an amazing blessing to our church.  After being in our church for 6 months, she came to my wife and said, “I was baptized at 12 years of age but I never understood what salvation was”.  She trusted Jesus as Saviour, and I had the great privilege of baptizing her.

Before coming to our church Sali was affected by AIDS.  Many times she struggled with her health, but she remained faithful to God.  She was a faithful soul-winner.  Almost every Saturday morning she was at church ready to go and tell people about Jesus. She and my wife spent many hours through the years telling people that, “Jesus Saves”.  She never let her struggle with her health be an obstacle to her serving God.

About a month ago her health began to diminish.  We helped her with some doctors exams and also medicine.  Today, Justin (one of the pastors in training), came to my house and said that Sali is very critical.  Rebecca and I went to see her.  She was unresponsive and evidently in terrible shape.  We prayed for her and decided to take her to the hospital.  My car was being repaired so we sent off to get a taxi.  As Justin and another member started to pick her up to take her to the hospital, she died.

We are sad that Sali will not be with us as we serve God here on this earth, but we know that she is already in a better place.  She no longer suffers with her health and is with the one she loves, Jesus.

Here is a picture of Sali in the blue and white.


2 Responses to “Sali — faithful to God”

  1. Bonnie Peace Says:

    My condolance to you but especially to your wife who will miss Sali especially when visiting. Sali is no longer in pain. I pray that our gracious Lord will send another to fill her shoes so her testimony stays alive.

    Bonnie Peace
    Tucson, AZ

  2. Floyd "Tiny" Johnson Says:

    Sali could have been mad with God for allowing her to get this terminal disease but she didn’t. She decided to know God and received Him as her Savior. She didn’t stop there but continued to learn about Him and became a great soul winner for the cause of Jesus Christ. Her life became an example for those around her. Praise God for her faithfulness and her ability to hold out to the end. Now she has her prize, to be with Jesus Christ and no more suffering. We can learn much from this young lady’s life.

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