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Is there more to life?

Imagine begging the spirits for rain, even going as far as to sacrifice grains from your dwindling food supply in hopes that it will come. If you do not plant soon, your family will not survive another year.  For now, the ground is parched and dry, much too dry to till.  Imagine working with your hands all day under the sweltering sun only to come home to a little mud hut with no power or running water.  Imagine waking up in the middle of the night when it is pitch black and all is silent, deathly silent. As you lay on your little mat, too hot to sleep, too hot to even move, you wonder, is there more to this life?

There are villages all over West Africa where people struggle day to day just to survive. Does God love them less because we consider them poor? No! The beautiful word “whosoever” includes people of every race, kindred and tribe. It includes our friends in air conditioned work places and comfortable homes as well as our friends in villages all over this world, villages where most outsiders will never go and inhabitants have little contact with those outside.  For so many years, spiritual darkness has reigned in these remote villages.  In some of these areas, there are beautiful mosques or “churches” teaching false doctrines which offer no sure hope of eternal life.  Someone has carried them a message, but not the truth.  We have a desire to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ before it is too late.  Through Voices in the Villages, we will work together to impact these villages.  Would you pray for this project and get involved in carrying the gospel to people who may have never even heard of Jesus Christ?

Pastor Austin Gardner will be coming tomorrow night.  We will be making plans of how to reach these people with the truth.  We don’t yet know how we will do everything but  we know the problem (sin) and we have the solution: Jesus.

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