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An Almost Unbelievable Trip

Our team of pastors have been praying and preparing to go and do an evangelism conference at Roungou.  Roungou is a remote village in which we started preaching under a mango tree in 2005.  As a friend of mine said once about this village, “I have finally arrived at the end of the world.”  We would go there every other week to preach on Saturdays until finally Pastor Salif started traveling out there every week to hold services on Saturday and Sunday in 2009.

Upon arriving there were many kids and adults waiting for us.  They gave us one of their traditional drinks.  They had a barrel full of water.  Most importantly they were excited to see us all.

Thursday night we had a kids club.  We taught the word of God and then let the kids play some carnival type games to win candy.  This was a huge treat for them as many of them probably rarely get a chance to even have a small piece of candy.  Then, on Thursday night, Pastor Gilbert and Pastor Justin preached.  I sat back amazed at how God is using these great men that He has given me to train.  I have watched parents get extremely excited when their kids score a goal, score a basket, hit a home run, or score a touchdown but watching God use these men is a far greater joy.  By God’s grace a woman was gloriously saved.

Friday morning we taught and preached on evangelism.  Then, in the afternoon, we went out to the different groups of mud hut houses to invite people to come to the services that night.  I haven’t visited the chief in a long time and felt led to go to his area.  The chief came out and visited with us.  They say that he is 100 years old.  Not sure about that, as they don’t really know their age, but he is very old.  I have witnessed to him in the past.  He has heard some of our preaching.  He has always said that it was good but never would make a real decision to repent and accept Jesus as his Saviour. On Friday it was different.  Justin talked with him for a good long time.  Again he said it was good.  Justin asked, “What are you going to do with Jesus?”  The chief responded, “I am going to receive him as my Saviour.”  He bowed his head and prayed.  It was a moment that I will never forget.  The joy that came over us was unreal, and I can only imagine that all of Heaven began to shout and praise God.

That night we showed a film that our church made a few weeks back.  It is about sin, and how sin consumes us.  There were over 300 people present, and they were captivated by the film.  At the end of the film, Pastor Salif got up to give the invitation.  I was walking over to the pulpit to lead it when I sensed it was best to let him do it.  I normally lead the invitation at a big meeting like this but the Holy Spirit lead me to take a back seat.  Then I watched as Salif, a former Muslim, preached and invited the people to repent and come to Christ.  Men, women, youth and kids came forward.  I stood on the side and watched 5 pastors lead them one by one to the Lord.  It must have taken about 45 minutes.  As I watched all of this happening, tears began to form in my eyes and roll down my cheeks.  I thought of the verse in I Cor. 15:58, “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.”  In some ways we have given up some pleasures and comforts to live here in Burkina Faso, but they are small in comparison to the eternal blessings that God is allowing us to see and experience.  Words cannot describe the blessing it is to me and my family to be a part of an amazing work that God is doing.  I don’t deserve it, but I am thrilled that God has given me this great opportunity.

I have never been that big on numbers but I think there were about 50 people that made professions of faith.  Salif told me that there were many visitors that came on Sunday as a result of these services.

The reason why I say that it was almost unbelievable is because I was there.  I saw what God did and is doing.  Upon going to college I would have never dreamed I would be where I am today.  God has far surpassed my dreams and desires.  I only want God to continue to use me wherever or however He wants.

Chief in Burkina Faso who trusted Jesus as his Saviour

Pastor Salif and Pastor Justin with the chief

Pumping Water in Burkina Faso -- Everyday life

Getting the water jug ready to take home.

6 Responses to “An Almost Unbelievable Trip”

  1. Kelley Land Says:

    Beautiful story, Keith. The bellies on those poor malnourished kids break my heart. I wish I could do more. Thank you for accepting the call and continuing to follow it in spite of the sacrifices. You and your family are God’s vessels for bringing hope to people in situations more desperate than we can begin to fathom.

  2. Keith Says:

    When there bellies stick out it is one of two things: malnourishment or worms. Unfortunately it is a very common site here. God bless you and John.

  3. Bro. Tiny Says:

    The chief that received Jesus Christ as his Savior is a prime example of it never being too late for anyone to receive Christ as their Savior. That is one of the reasons why I love going to the local Nursing Homes. I have witness some elderly folks give their lives to the Lord including my Aunt Bertha back in September 2006 and then going home to be with the Lord just twenty two days later at 82 years old. God is always patient with us and not willing that any should perish.

  4. Keith Says:

    Bro. Tiny,
    You are very right that it is never too late. Many of the older men in the village have refused salvation. They say it is good for the women and kids but they just can’t deny or reject their traditions. That makes it even more special when the chief accepted God’s plan. God Bless you.

  5. Kevin Hall Says:

    Great story! It is awesome to see these dear people get eternal hope.

  6. myra June Elston Says:

    This is beautiful, you and your family are in our prayers here at Open Door. Looking foreward to hearing from you again soon.

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