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An interesting Sunday…Part 2 (Konate’s Surprise)

After all the problems with Vicente were solved, Pastor Konate arrived.

During our furlough in the States, Pastor Konate was extremely faithful.  I told him when I left that I was going to make him or break him.  I dumped a truckload full of responsibilities in his care.  He excelled more than I could have imagined.  He has become a great leader.  He didn’t just hold down the fort at Water of Life Baptist Church but he helped the church to advance and grow.

When I came back I felt like we needed to have a special day to honor Pastor Konate and his wife for their hard work and dedication.  So we had planned a Pastors Appreciation day.  I talked with the members and we decided that we would surprise him and his wife with some gifts.  The church decided to buy Pastor Konate a new moto.  Funny thing is that the week before his moto blew up.  They also decided to give his wife some good cloth to make a new dress.

When I called Pastor Konate and his wife up, we presented the cloth first.  Then we presented the moto.  He got so excited that he lifted up his arms and then picked up his wife in the air.  The thing that I thought was great was the church members.  They also got very excited.  The began to cheer and clap.  Some stood on the benches.  It was a beautiful site.  Many of our people couldn’t even afford a moto for themselves, but they were excited about giving one to their pastor.

Below are a few pictures.

2 Responses to “An interesting Sunday…Part 2 (Konate’s Surprise)”

  1. Scott Lance Says:

    What a blessing. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving guy. Let Konate know that I am excited for him and that the Lance family is praying for you all in Ouaga.

  2. Keith Says:

    Thanks so much for your prayers. I will let Pastor Konate know that you are praying for him and rejoice with him. He has truly deserved it.

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