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Construction projects can bring unity

I have heard problem after problem with many church construction projects in America.  We have had our fair share of problems also.  Many of our materials grow legs and walk off (nice way to say they were stolen).  We have always tried to put an emphasis on the church in Burkina Faso doing their part.  Many churches and individuals have greatly helped with the finances, but I have deeply felt that the church here needs to be active and sacrifice for their building also.

The building at Water of Life Baptist Church started in 2007.  It started with 15 or more of us digging the foundation.  We worked 5 days a week.  From 7:00 am to 1:00 pm in over 100 degrees weather.  It took us five weeks to complete.  This brought about great unity in our young church.  This unity has continued.

They have given financially on different sections of the building.  Today after visitation, the masons needed more blocks on the second floor.  There is no easy way to get them on the second floor but to pick them up on the other side of the road(where they made), lift them up over the wall of the church, and carry them upstairs.  The church members were singing and having a good time as we worked.  They were even making up a song about having courage and strength to keep working.

We are in the process of finishing up the second floor.   We are preparing to put on the roof in the next few months.  God has brought us so far from the first days.  It is truly amazing.

Construction projects don’t have to bring problems but they can bring great unity.

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