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Not exactly what we wanted but we do have internet finally

We finally have a better internet connection. I was waiting on DSL to come to the house. I went by the phone company 3 times and they told me to be patient (I was trying to). Three weeks later, they called the workers who hook it up and found out that the telephone wires in our neighborhood were stolen. They don’t have these cables in the country, so they will have to send off for them. They said it will take months.
So I went and got a different connection. It is one that plugs into the usb port. It is fast but we can’t use our telephone (vonage) on it. I can talk on skype. If you would like to reach us and talk with us my skype address is keith.shumaker

There is so much going on it will be hard to update everything. We started building again. We are making blocks at Living Water Baptist Church. We started building over 4 years ago on this building and we will put the roof on in the next few months. I will send some pictures later.

Also, we will be building at Tingandogo. We are getting the sand, blocks and other material together. Next Thursday, we will start digging the foundation and then the brick mason will begin his work.
Monday through Wednesday we will have pastors camp. We have 9 pastors present (me included) and their wives. It will be a great time of fellowship and teaching. Please pray that God would unify us during these days.

As you can see we have lots going on. God is really moving and we are thrilled. I will start updating on a more regular basis. Thanks for your prayers, love and support.

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