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Excited but scared

I am amazed that the God of Heaven loves to work through people like me.  What an honor it is to serve Him.

This week I have been preparing my thoughts, plans and strategies about going back to Burkina Faso.  I have been excited for months about it. Just like a child in a candy store.  But a little over a week ago, I began to get scared.  I am not scared of Africa. I have lived there eight years now.  I am not scared that God won’t start a work.  God has already blessed us with a great work and with great people.  The thing that began to shake me up was the greatest hindrance to the ministry in Burkina Faso.  To much surprise the greatest hindrance to the Gospel isn’t the devil, the Muslims, but I believe it is me.  I know that God can move me aside and put somebody better in my place, but I believe that God has called me to start a movement that will spread throughout Burkina Faso and the world.

Here are some thoughts on what I am talking about:

  • I am scared that I will go over there and go through the motions.
  • I will preach luke-warm sermons to a luke-warm people.
  • I will be lazy and only work about half speed.
  • I will get my eyes on numbers and not on building men.
  • I will worry about pleasing men more than God.
  • I will lack vision and that will result in the Burkinabes lacking vision also.
  • I will work in my own power instead of the power of God.

It would really be easy for me to go through the motions.  Just doing that would produce a little.  The problem with that is that the little won’t impact a country nor even a city.  It won’t impact millions or even thousands maybe just a few hundred.  There is so much to do.  God wants to do a lot.  I believe that it is His will to start a great movement that will impact thousands and even millions.

Can one man do that?  No, no, no!!!  I am limited but He isn’t.  We need others to be involved.  Would you be willing to be involved?

You might ask, “How can I be involved?” Here are some ways:

  1. By prayers.
  2. Communicate with us. By e-mail, vonage, etc.
  3. Take a trip over to come see us.  You are invited at any time.
  4. Give.  The Africans are working hard to do their part.  They give of their time and of their means.  We need monthly support and one time offerings.  I will highlight some of the current projects in the next blog.
  5. Come work with us on the field as church planters.

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