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Road Trip and Zeal

About three weeks ago, we set off on a road trip.  We left Jefferson, Ga for Florida.  We were in two great services there.  Then we were off to Louisiana for another church service.  We finally arrived in Arizona for a missions conference at Tucson Baptist Temple in Arizona.  What a great missions conference. We were extremely blessed.  We are currently in a hotel in Mississippi.  We will arrive back in GA tomorrow.  Thank the Lord for safety and that we don’t have to drive through Texas again any time soon.

While I was in Arizona at two different churches, some Christians made comments that they liked my zeal and passion for the work.  I remember the zeal and passion I had for basketball and other sports.  My mom would often ask why do you practice for 2-3 hours at school to come home and play some more?  I was zealous, maybe overzealous for basketball.  My dream came true (well at that time) I got a basketball scholarship.  It was just a few months later after I arrived at college that I got saved.  My passion for sports began to fade and my passion for God began.  I truly can say that my zeal and passion for God is not made up.  It is not forced.  It is something that comes from within.  I know what I deserved, and I know what God gave me.  I deserved eternal punishment, and I got eternal life.  I deserved to pay for my sins, but Jesus paid them in full.  How can I not be passionate about that?  Not only did He save me, but He allows me to serve Him.  I can honestly say that my true dream came true.

Not only am I a sinner saved by grace, but I am also given the privilege to serve that King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  What a thrill that the God of Heaven works through my life.  Again, how can I not be passionate about that?  The game winning shot, the huge 10 point buck, the big 10 pound bass is nothing in comparison to the thrill in serving God.  He is wonderful and I love ,and I love serving Him.

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