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Talibas gouvernmental marriage

Talibala has been a member or our church since 2006.  He has been training with me since 2007.  He is a very good young man and is leading our church on the outskirts of town, called Tingandogo. 


Marriage is a very complex thing here.  There are three marriages.  Custom, government, and church wedding.  The people don’t count it as a marriage if you don’t do the customary thing. (A customary ceremony is usually held in the village where the bride’s family is from.)  The government doesn’t accept a custom marriage or a church wedding so a legal marriage ceremony is held at the mayor’s office.  After both of these steps are complete, we hold a church wedding for our members, making it a three-step process.


Last Saturday, I went with Talibala and his fiancée Pascaline to do their government marriage.  It really is a neat thing.  Usually the mayor or his assistant performs the wedding.  They ask them to choose between a monogamous marriage or a polygamous marriage and to say whether they want to share their goods or keep everything separate.  They chose a monogamous marriage and agreed to share all goods so the laws for this type of marriage were clearly explained. Then they do vows and sign papers, and they are finished.  I was excited to see how Talibala was treating Pascaline.  He treated her with respect and with honor, which is not normal in this culture.  God is really beginning to create a new culture in our churches.  It is exciting.


 Talibala and Pascaline getting officially married at the Mayors office.






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