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God is Blessing

God is blessing in tremendous ways.  Thursday, I took our visitors to a game park to see elephants and other animals.  We had a good time.  Then on Friday, we went to Roungou.  God is still doing a wonderful work there because of the love and compassion of Salif.  Saturday night God truly blessed.  We started a conference on the family.  Pastor Austin Gardner preached on the strange women.  It was a tremendous message.  It truly helped our people.

The assistant pastor of Living Water Baptist Church, Konate Lansina, went to the altar with his wife.   This doesn’t sound like a big thing to you but to us this was a major stepping stone.    This was the first time a Burkinbe man and his wife have went to the altar to pray toghether.  The family here is very strange.  The relationship between a man and wife is strange.  A man almost never sits with his wife.  I have fought that in the past but it is something that is so engrained into their thoughts and customs it is hard to get out.  I tell them, “I love my wife and I love to sit by her.  I am not ashmed of her.”  In most churches the women sit on one side and the men the other.  The altar was full and people got help.  Praise the Lord.  We will continue tonight and tommorrow. Please pray for us.

One Response to “God is Blessing”

  1. Jason Rishel Says:

    Praise the Lord for the way He is working over there and especially in Konate’s life.

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