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Trip to North Africa

I haven’t written for a few weeks.  That is due to the fact that I traveled to North Africa to visit a good friend of mine, and well, I don’t really have another good excuse.

My good friend, Aaron is doing a tremendous job in this needy country.  I was given the privilege to preach and teach while I was there.  God really blessed.  I also enjoyed the fellowship with him and his family.  He has developed a good plan, and God is blessing it.

It really is almost unbelievable to go to cities of more than a million people who might only have 20 Christians in them and two or three house churches.  My heart was stirred and saddened because of the lack of workers.  We have  looked at many of these countries and felt that we couldn’t go because they are closed.  The command of the church is to “go”.  Jesus didn’t say if the country is open, go.  He didn’t say go if it is easy or the people are open to it.  He told us to go.  That means that we will need men and women that will be willing to go and risk their lives to get the Gospel to the World.  We have men and women that give their lives to protect our great country.  That is respectable and honorable, but where are those who will give their all to get the precious Word of God to the world?  Those that will put their lives on the line to serve their Lord.  I have watched many risk their lives for wealth and fame but few in our day do it for God.

God bless you brother Aaron.  Keep up the good work.  May God raise up others like him.  Those who deny themselves and live for Christ.

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