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A few posts back, we wrote about Konate and his niece Awa.  He is on fire for the Lord.  I have seen him grow in the last few months in tremendous ways.  He is hungry for God.  God called him to preach a few months back, but we had a very interesting  and complex situation.  He was customarily married to a young lady before coming to our church.  That means that he paid the dowry and whatever else was necessary.  Most Burkinabes are married this way.  Very few do church weddings or regulate it with the government.  Konate wanted to have a church wedding and regulate it with the government before he lived with her.  I think that is very commendable.

Here is where the situation gets complex.  She wasn’t saved.  She lives with an aunt who isn’t the nicest in the world.  She won’t allow her to come to our church until she leaves their house.  I did have an opportunity to present the Gospel to her.  She said she knew that she would go to heaven when she died because she had a dream where she saw the tomb of Jesus (I haven’t seen that in the Bible).  I couldn’t get her to realize that she couldn’t trust in dreams and in her church but had to put her faith in Jesus.  I went through 7 weeks of marriage counseling with them, hoping that she would be saved, but again nothing.

Even though they hadn’t married legally according to the law, if Konate would break it off, they would view him as divorced (and he wouldn’t be qualified to preach).  It was a situation that greatly bothered me.  I have prayed for months and God has answered our prayers.  She came to see us Sunday afternoon and said that she was ready to be saved.  She prayed and trusted Jesus as her only way to heaven.  God is GOOD!!!!!!!

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  1. stephen knickerbocker Says:

    This is wonderful news. I am enjoying keeping up with the blog brother Shumaker. I am gratly encouraged by how the Lord is using you Burkina.
    Praying for you

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