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Back from Mali

I got back from Mali last night.  I had a wonderful trip.  My heart was greatly touched by the great need.  Mali is over 92% Muslim.  I had the opportunity to be with some wonderful men of God.  In spite of the darkness, God is doing great things.

While I was in Mali.  Eveline, a member of our church, was hit by a car.  Her 4 year daughter, Diane, was trying to cross the road.  She realized what was happening and ran and knocked Diane out of the way.  Unfortunately, Eveline didn’t make it out of the way.  She was hit hard.  Half of her body was paralyzed.  She is getting some feeling back but not all.  We are paying for some medicine and  a CAT scan to see if the doctors can find any damage.  Please pray for her.  She is a wonderful Christian woman.  2009 hasn’t started well for her.  Two months ago, her 6 month old daughter died in her sleep.  Her husband’s bike was also stolen last week.  I know that a bike doesn’t sound like much, but a bike to most Burkinabes would be like we just got our car stolen.  We visited her today in the hospital and she seems to be in good spirits.  Please lift her up in prayer.

Below: Eveline (front right wearing black) singing a solo in the ladies group at our church’s anniversary Sunday, only a few weeks after she lost her baby.


3 Responses to “Back from Mali”

  1. Karie Beth Says:

    Wow, after going through so much, she is still in good spirits. May God bless Eveline and help her. Let her know that we brothers and sisters in Christ here in America will pray.

  2. Katie Irvin Says:

    We’re praying, too! I sent out a prayer request to all my friends asking them to pray for her and her family! Please keep us all posted!

  3. Johnny Leslie Says:

    My heart breaks for this dear Christian lady. I’ll ask our people in Croatia to pray for her. We don’t know why things happen, but we know that God is always good!

    Bro. Johnny

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