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Meet Awa, our new sister in Christ.

One of the most exciting parts of the ministry is watching God use the people we are training.  Konate is one of the young men attending Bible Institute classes, and he invited his niece Awa to come to church with him.  She was hesitant to come at first, but he finally convinced her to do so.  Once she started coming she was faithful to every service.  Not too long ago, she began to ask another church worker about salvation.  She received good counsel and went home with verses marked in her Bible to read and think about.  A little later, at the close of a Sunday morning service, she came forward and was ready to accept the Lord as her Savior.  My wife was able to talk to her and make sure she understood everything, but the seed had already been planted by Konate and watered by others in the church.  Amazing how God works!  We are so excited to have Awa (the tribal translation of the name “Eve”) in our church family. She has such a sweet spirit and has already shown a willingness to help and serve.

For those of you who pray for this ministry or support it in any way, Awa is your “fruit,” not just our brother Konate’s. There are so many more like her whose lives are being touched and changed. May God help us to do more and to be like our brother who cared enough to bring a relative even though she showed little interest in church.


Above: Brother Konate and his niece, Awa.

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  2. anne Says:

    Welcome to the family, Awa

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