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Testimones from our Misssions Conference

We had a time to share testimonies of how God blessed us in the last year because we gave to missions.

One young man named Albert who is on fire for the Lord, said, “I didn’t know what the purpose of my money was before I came to this church and started tithing and giving to missions.  Now I have a reason to make money and that is to give to the work of God.”

Another member named Bibata, who is a widow with three children, (She doesn’t have a good job and  is extremely poor.) said, “It is a blessing to give to missions.  Sometimes I think that I can’t afford to give and when I don’t I am very unhappy, but when I give I never lack.  It is a great joy to give.”  She reminds me of the widow in the Bible who gave her two mites.  I watch her give and I shake my head.  I think, “How can she give and eat?”  Funny thing, I guess it’s not really funny, but she is one of the happiest people that I know.  News Flash — “Money doesn’t buy happiness, obedience to the Word and Will of God does.”

3 Responses to “Testimones from our Misssions Conference”

  1. John Pearson Says:


    Fantastic testimonies. Those will be my offering devotions at Vision this morning. Great, great work. Congratulations on Sunday school also. God bless you real good.


  2. Jason Rishel Says:

    It is awesome the way that God is moving in the heart of the people there. We will continue to pray for the work.

  3. stephen Knickerbocker Says:

    Hi bro Shumaker,
    I am encouraged to read the news on the blog. I am with my family back in France and we are enjoying the time together for Christmas.
    It’s exciting to hear about albert, konote, and I’am sure others.
    God is good.
    Praying for you
    Stephen Knickerbocker

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