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Bob the Builder, can he fix it?

I am not sure how many of have ever seen Bob the Builder. It is a kids show, in which, Bob is a construction man. In the show, the most famous phrase is, Bob the bulilder, can he fix it? Yes, he can! If you have seen the show, you probably sang that phrase.

We went to Bado’s village on an invitation. They wanted us to show a film about Jesus and preach. When we showed up there were probably 200 people ready. I got everything ready as the crowd got bigger. We were set and I pushed play. That is when I noticed we had a major problem. The cassette was on the European system and my machine is American. Can’t play. We have 350-400 people ready to watch. I throughly apologized and told them we would come again. I preached for about 35-40 min. I asked those who would like to receive Jesus to come over to where some of our members where. There wasn’t any movement for a few min.

Then, I realized that I had Bob the builder so I decided, lets show them that. I started the film and it was a big hit. These are people that live in mud huts and many have never seen t.v. They laughed and laughed. After about 10 min. I saw that there was a few people coming to talk about salvation. We ended up talking to 32 people, who prayed and trusted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

Well, at the end, they were happy about Bob. Bob the Builder, can he fix it? Yes he can. Here is a photo of Bob (well actually another character called spud) on the wall.


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