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Camp 2008

I had most of this written last week but never got around to posting it. As far as I know, this is the first independent Baptist Camp that has been done in Burkina Faso. That was exciting in itself. Leading up to the camp, I was like a little kid waiting on Christmas. I got more and more excited as it approached. I was expecting and praying that God would do great things and He did just that. We arrived on Monday Afternoon and left Thursday morning.

I took a group of young people from the church. On the way back to get another group, the car began to make an awful noise. We ended up being car-less for the whole camp.

Rain had fallen Monday morning. A few times a year after the rain falls, flying termites come out. So termites really disturbed the service, but God worked in spite of that. The only real benefit we got out of the termites was that we were able to eat them the next day. Yummy!


After the disturbance of the first night. God began to move in a great way Tuesday Morning. We had missionary hour, where we had two young men read a missionary biography and talk about it. Wow, it was powerful. I really want our people to get a hold of missions, so that we can give and go.

I know that I can’t talk about all that God did, but He greatly moved. We had many of the young men give ten min. messages and others preach about our theme: Joshua 1:9. Bro. Jason and Bro. Stephen where greatly used during this time. Each message was perfect and God used it. Here are a bunch of pictures of the camp:

Below is a young man studying to preach.


We formed a choir.


We had a friend visit our room. Yes it is what you think.


Bro. Stephen getting a gift from the church.


Bro. Jason is preaching, and I am translating.


We had many altar calls, and God really moved.

altar call

Here is a group picture. There were about 30 of us.

group picture

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