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We are going to be starting our Bible College this fall. We are in the process of preparing books and materials. I really believe that our Bible College will allow us to train men. Trained men are the key to reaching this town, country and the world. I do not believe that a man must have a Bible diploma to preach the Word. He must have a call, but he must be equipped also. The Bible college will equip these young men to serve God.

Nothing in life is free. It will cost to train these young men. I have estimated that it will take $60 a month to house, feed and train each man for the ministry. We are expecting 6-8 young men to start this fall. We could have more, and I should know soon. To go to school and to find a part time job is about impossible here. I never want to give them a totally free education so we have decided that we can put the students on a work scholarship. I have always heard that something that doesn’t cost anything will not be appreciated.

They will work(labor) 4 days a week, 4 hours a day = 16 hours a week : 16 hours a week = 64 hours a month
They won’t get credit for work on Saturday. It is church ministry.

Cost for School Each month Study Materials Costs: 5000 CFA = $10; Food : 17,500 CFA = $35
Dormitory 7,500 CFA = $15
Total 30,000 CFA = $60

We are asking for sponsors for these young men and maybe young ladies. If you would like to sponsor a student each month, please let me know. This will be a great help to the ministry here and also a great investment in eternity.

2 Responses to “Bible College”

  1. David Campbell Says:

    This is a wonderful work you are doing! Please keep it up and I will pray for you and your work.


  2. Keith Says:

    Thanks so much for your prayers. Prayer moves mountains. God Bless,

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