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Surprised and shocked

I was blessed yesterday by some news that Bado gave me. We have a piece of land on the outskirts of town. The area is called Tingandogo. This is were we started our first church in Burkina Faso. We bought close to 5 acres there. We lost our first piece of land because Kadafi wanted to place a hospital there. Long story, but we were forced to leave and take the current land that we have. We submitted the paperwork to the government. They rejected it the first time and we had to redo it because they said that 5 acres was to much for a church. We added on the paperwork, a Bible College and other things. They rejected it a second time and made us resurvey it because of where they want to put a road. We ended up losing about 2 acres but hopefully when they come out to do the governmental surveying, they will give it back to us. Anyhow, Bado called me yesterday and said that the last signature was on the paperwork. I know for most people reading this, you don’t exactly know what a process it is in a country like this but we have been trying to finish this paperwork for 3 years now. It is a miracle and God has truly blessed.

O.K., now I am going to give you the shock that I received today. Bado came today with some other paperwork for our church at Cissin. That is where we have been doing our big building project. We have made so much progress, and we are so thankful. Bado brought me some of the paperwork that has been completed. We are changing the paperwork from the seller to the buyer(me). Anyhow, I didn’t even know that we would have to pay something. For each lot, we need about $2,500, and our land is two lots. A total of $5,000. They told us that we need this by March 14th or it will double. We absolutely need your prayers. We truthfully don’t have an extra dime right now. We are already in some debt because of this project. I was a little shocked, or maybe I should say very, very shocked.

Oh yeah, we had one young lady get saved tonight. She came Sunday and didn’t respond, but tonight she made the decision to accept Christ. Her family is Muslim.

3 Responses to “Surprised and shocked”

  1. April Baker Says:

    Stephen and I will give what we can. I will call Mrs. Robin tomorrow. Praise the Lord for what God is doing there.

  2. Jason Rishel Says:

    Brother Keith, we will certainly be praying a lot for you and for this great need. God is truly blessing the work being done there. We’ll pray that He will provide for you. God bless.

  3. Keith Says:

    Thanks so much, Stephen and April. We certainly weren’t expecting that. May God richly bless you for your kindness. Jason, as always thanks for your prayers. I look forward to you being here in a few months.

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