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Bados Testimony

I have written a few times about a man named Bado.  I call him my African twin brother.  He really isn’t much smaller than I am.  I thought that I would give his testimony in two different posts.  Well here is post #1.  This is his version and tomorrow I will add a little more:

    I met missionary Keith Shumaker through a national pastor in March 2005. Bro. Shumaker wanted me to survey some land that he had bought for a church. After I finished surveying the land, the missionary talked to me about Jesus. He asked me if I went to church. I told him no and that my good works were sufficient to get me to heaven. He said that I did not convince him, and we went our separate ways.

About two months later, the missionary called me and told me that he had a problem with the land that I had surveyed. The government decided to take the land because Khadafi wanted it in order to build a hospital. The missionary asked me if I could help him find a solution to the problem. I was on my month of vacation so I had free time to help him. We went from office to office and finally found a solution, but the church had to move to a new site. When we had finished the work, I realized how much Bro. Shumaker loved me. With much compassion, he spoke with me about God. He told me things that I had never heard. He asked me if I knew that salvation was by the grace of God and that someone had paid for my sins. He said a person could not lose his salvation. At this moment, God opened up my heart to the gospel. I realized that I was a sinner. I confessed my sins and was saved this day. It was a great day for me.

I worked for the government until God spoke to my heart about my job situation. I could not serve Him and continue to work for the government. It is corrupt. In July 2006, I left my job with the government and became self-employed. Since that time I have been able to build my own house. My parents are very happy with me today because they think that my God is a God of love. Lots of my family members are ready to accept Christ. My current salary is higher than the one I received from the government. I thank God and Brother Keith Shumaker. To me Brother Shumaker is not a foreigner but a family member.

2 Responses to “Bados Testimony”

  1. Leo Shumaker Says:

    Keith, Thank Bado again for all he did for us when we visited. He is truly a true friend. I am really glad that you and he have become great friends. God has brought you together to do great things. Tell him to tell his family that we think of them often and that everyone is amazed at the generosity of the Burkinabe. YFD

  2. Tim Land Says:

    Bro. Bado is truly an inspiration. His countenance has the glow of The Holy Spirit and having met him, I sense I have truly met a true friend of our Lord; one who truly reflects the love of Christ. He has not succumbed to the problems of this life, though he meets them as we all do, but he has clearly displayed a faith to finish the race for the Glory of God!

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