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Bado’s Village

A few days ago, I took my parents to Bado’s(faithful member of our church) village. Bado started an organization in 2002 to help kids with school, whether it be by helping pay for their school or for school supplies. I began to help Mr. Bado in 2005 with his project. My mom has helped greatly with this project. You can read about it at

We have helped the past two years in Bado’s village. I wanted my parents to see the village school and the work that we are doing. What we experienced was quite amazing. We saw classrooms with 99 students in the class. My mother couldn’t believe what she saw.


They really honored my parents. They gave them gifts and clothes. They also prepared a meal fit for a king.

gifts for my parents


After being at the school we went to Bado’s house. Bado has been a great friend and is very vital to the minsitry here. He helps me with governmental paperwork, getting land, etc. His father wanted to meet my father. Sometimes they will give a special gift to visitors(one chicken, maybe two at most). The father gave my dad three chickens, lots of cabbage and a sheep.

Bados House

They put the sheep on top of the car. My dad asked me what we were going to do with the sheep. He didn’t think that the sheep could ride for two hours on top of the car and live to see tommorrow. Well he did live and we now have a pet sheep. Not really, I don’t normally eat my pets. He will make a good meal in a few days.  My parents said that was an overwhelming day.  They truly honored my parents, which really  blessed me.  By honoring my parents they showed their love for my family.  The work is moving on.

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