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Update from Sunday

Our car is still in the shop or should I say, under a tree. A member of our church is a great car mechanic, but he is definitely shade tree. He has fixed stuff in unbelievable ways. I had to take the moto to church today. I must have heard 500 times on the way and on the way back home, “Nazara”. That means white man. It was cute, when we first arrived here to have the kids yell, “white man”, but I have to be honest, it truly get on my nerves now. I remember one time when I very sick. I could hardly walk and since my wife wasn’t driving here at the time, I had to drive myself. She came with me and the doctor prescribed some medicine. We went to the pharmacy. She went in for me and I had my head laid on the window sill. Some little girl came by yelling, “Yovo, yovo, ainsi, ainsi”. That was when we were in Togo. Both of these words mean white man in their tribal language. Here I am so sick I can hardly walk, and this little brat comes up to me yelling, “white man”. She really wasn’t a brat, just excited to see the white man.  I know you don’t ever think like that, but I looked at her and told her to go to the house. Sorry I’m not real spiritual. Sometimes I wish we didn’t stand out but I don’t think that is possible.

Anyhow, God really blessed today. We had over 100 at Tingandogo, and we had 80 at Cissin with over 50 being adults. I am extremely excited about this week because we will be having our first missions conference this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Please pray for us. I have told the church that I would like for us to be able to do a faith promise of $45 a month to start with. We would like to support two missionaries at about $20 a piece. I am not sure if we can arrive at this, but I am praying that God would allow us to do that. Our normal offering isn’t much more than that but I sure would like God to move in a mighty way.

2 Responses to “Update from Sunday”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    I’m praying for the mission conference and that would be great to support two missionaries out of the church.

  2. Jason Rishel Says:

    I’ll be praying for the missions conference, Brother Keith, and that God will work through your church members.

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