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Marie Paul

We have a young girl at our church named Marie Paul. She is 10 years old. She is so sweet and so is her family. I found out, a few weeks back, that they had sent her to the village because of a problem with her back. They were trying to treat her with “natural” medicine and herbs. I know that some of this works, but lots of it doesn’t.  Due to the fact that a simple X-ray can cost more than 1-2 months of their salary they often opt out of it. I took her to a missionary doctor today. When we saw the condition of her back it made me want to cry for her. I am not sure if it is a bone or a disc, but there is one spot poking way out of the normal curvature of the spine. We had x-rays done and will go back to the doctor tomorrow with the results. I certainly hope there is something we can do, but I am not really sure. Probably she needs surgery, and that could be expensive.  There is even a good chance that they don’t do that type of surgery here. Please pray for her.  The problem started a little over a year ago and has gotten worse as it wasn’t treated correctly.  We only recently found out about the problem.

Many times the physical problems here really touch my heart. I help where I can, even though it isn’t enough. I have had a strong desire to have a health clinic here. Many people here have asked me how can they listen to the Gospel when they are sick and hungry. I know that somebody doesn’t have to be healthy and have a full belly to accept the Lord, but I do think when we find ways to reach out to their needs, it will sometimes open their heart to the message of Christ that we want to give. I am no doctor or nurse but I do feel that we can at least find a means to treat simple problems (malaria, typhoid fever, worms, amoebas, etc.) Many people die here because they wait too long to get treated. If you know of anybody who would be interested in this type of mission work, please let me know.

As I was thinking about the many physical problems here in Burkina Faso due to the lack of good doctors and good medicine, I began to think about the many spiritual problems due to the lack of good pastors, good missionaries, and good churches. There is such a great need in the spiritual sickness of man that can only be filled by Jesus. Does Ouagadougou need another church? No, there are lots. Does Ouagadougou need a church that preaches the truth? Yes, we need many. It is my goal to be able to have at least 40 churches here in the capital alone. We have 2, just 38 more to go. Malaria is the biggest physical killer in the world, but it pales in comparison to the spiritual sickness killing people everywhere.

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