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Was I ever shocked!

In my last post I talked about the Muslim holiday on Friday. We decided that we would take my in-laws and the kids to the President’s animal park as nothing else was open in town. It is neat park, unlike the normal zoo. I wasn’t shocked at the animals but by what I saw on the way to the park.

Feeding animals

I knew the Muslims would be praying all over the city in the morning. I guess as we have Christmas and Easter Christians that the Muslims have Ramadan Muslims. Each Mosque was full of people inside and outside praying. In the middle of town, there is an open area that is called ” The Place of the Revolution. ” There are many different things that go on there during the year, but most of the time it is empty. I have seen “healing crusades” with over 5,000 people that only took up a small portion of this area. What I saw on Friday made my heart turn. I wasn’t really ready to see what I saw. The whole area was covered with Muslims praying. I am not sure how many were in this one area (remember there were great numbers of people praying at every other mosque in the city) but I think that I can honestly say that there was easily more that 10,000 there. They had just finished praying and were walking home. Tim Land, my father-in-law had his camera and attempted to get a few pictures. Here is one, but I am sure that this will never be able to show you the magnitude of the crowd we saw. My heart is broken because this great multitude (as Jesus said) is like sheep having no shepherd. They need the truth. Through all of their fasting this past month, the didn’t gain favor with God as they thought. The only way to gain favor is through Jesus Christ. He is the way, the truth and the Life and no body can go to the Father but by Him.

Musims praying

One Response to “Was I ever shocked!”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    Your heart breaks when you see this happening. If they only knew this is all for not. All we can do is pray for them and keep reaching them with the gospel.

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