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Leaving a good testimony!

This morning, all of our visitors left and went back to their home countries. I took down the tent, with the help of some of our men. After finishing, I saw where we had left a little trash. I told the men that we needed to pick up the trash since we were borrowing the land. I was told that we had already cleaned up the land greatly and a few sacks wouldn’t be a big deal. I told them that maybe in your culture it wouldn’t be bad or abnormal to leave a few bags and trash but we aren’t normal. We are Christians and we should be a step above the rest. After explaining to them that I felt that if the owner comes and looks at his land, he will be amazingly impressed and that would leave a great testimony for the Lord. I truly believe that we should always attempt to a cut above the rest. I will go and see the owner tomorrow. We will take a small gift to him and invite him to church. Please pray that we can reach him.

3 Responses to “Leaving a good testimony!”

  1. K Says:

    Fantastic to read about the conference! Really exciting! Praying for you!

  2. David Lundy Says:

    Great decession. I think our actions can have a stronger testimony than our words.

  3. Shane Clements Says:

    Amen. That is a lesson that I try to teach my children and those the Lord has allowed me to work with. Always leave it in better shape than you found it in and everyone will be happy. You will be happy for going above and beyond, the person coming behind you will be happy with the way you left it, and most importantly the Lord will be happy.

    Col 3:23 And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men

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