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Prayer Requests

I have two prayer requests.  First being for my pastor, Bro. Billy Goolesby.  I love my pastor dearly.  I have great respect for him as I believe that he a great man of God and the best pastor.  He has been faithful for many years to preach the Word.  God used him to change my life.  A few years back he had to have major heart surgery.  It took him a long time to recover from this.  From what I understand, a week or so ago he was eating breakfast with a member from our church and he passed out and vomitted.  They thought he had a heart attack.  They called 911 and took him to the hospital and for a few day ran tests and then said nothing was wrong.  Please say a special prayer for him today.

Also a supporting pastor of mine, Bro. Danny Mundy lost his son.  A number of years ago he lost his wife.  His son, Daniel, was at Pensacola.  The son was with a few friends swimming but only in waist deep water.  He cried for help and fell over.  His friends got him out, they were only 5 feet from him and the lifeguards couldn’t get his heart going again.  I know that this is hard on Bro. Mundy and his daughter who is also at Pensacola.   Please lift up Bro. Mundy and his daughter.

2 Responses to “Prayer Requests”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    I know how important pastors are and I will be praying for both of these men.


  2. Shane Clements Says:

    Hey Bro. Keith,

    Bro. Billy is doing better. I can tell he is still weak but the Lord has allowed him the strength to preach in all the services since he came home from the hospital. I can’t speak for him, but I know he appreciates all of the prayers that have gone up on his behalf.

    Bro. Shane

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