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Another Victory!

I wanted to share with you a victory that we had yesterday. Emile, a 6 year law student in our church, has really been on fire lately. I asked him to do the devotional for our youth meeting, and he did a tremendous job. I have never worked with him on an outline or whatever, just told him to give a thought from the Word. He gave it in an outline form anyway.  I was very surprised and thrilled. His cousin, Norbert, has been coming to church with him the last few weeks. Emile kept telling him that he needed trust Christ and not religion, but he felt that he was okay. Sunday night I taught a lesson on, “What the Bible teaches about Mary.” He saw that he was placing his faith in man’s teaching rather than Jesus.

Monday morning, Norbert, wanted to talk with me. and we set up a meeting for that afternoon. When I sat down to talk with him, he told me that he was afraid he would have a hard time not sinning when he went back to University. I told him that would be correct if he didn’t have the Holy Spirit living inside of him. I told him that he needed trust Jesus, and he agreed. He bowed his head and prayed to receive Christ. We were thrilled. It is always great when one turns from darkness to receive the light.

3 Responses to “Another Victory!”

  1. April Says:

    Praise the Lord for this new soul. Praying for you all.

  2. David Lundy Says:

    I think the reason Emile did such a good is they have someone there giving them the examples with the way you teach, preach and your life. Keep up the good work.

  3. Gary W. Williams Says:

    Hi, Pastor Keith, I just talked to your Mom and Dad. They are well and going to a Central Florida football game. I had called to check up on you and your family given all the news here about the floods just to the west and south of you. Given my geography is 1950 vintage, Leo gave me a lesson and let me know you were to the north in the subsarah region. Keith I am so proud to know you! Who would have known your calling as you grew up that little blond headed boy in Summerville, SC. So cute! I will pray for you and your family. How are Rebecca, Emily, Meredith, and Iassac? See, I do keep up with you! Sorry to hear you have another bout of Maleria. Serious business. Bad in Vietnam too. I know you are so busy, Keith, I do not expect a reply. Just know we here are so proud of you and for what you are doing. May God bless you everyday. Your parents friend and yours too, Gary (and Val) Williams

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