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Three saved on Sunday!

We had a great day on Sunday. We had about 80 at Tingandogo and 65 at Cissin. During my message two young men walked in. Africans are a little strange when they come into church late. Actually it used to make me mad(I know a preacher shouldn’t get that way). I guess you have to come to the place you are willing to live with it because you won’t change it. The regulars understand but visitors never do. They walk in, in the middle of preaching and have to shake hands and say good morning to everyone (out loud). Can’t they understand that I am trying to preach? To them, it would be more disrespectful not to say good morning and shake a few hands than to be quiet. I have had them walk up to the pulpit and shake my hand as I am preaching away. This story made me think of last week. A lady decided, for some reason I will never figure out, to undress her 2 year old boy. He then proceeded to walk half way down the aisle. So now, I have a naked boy staring at me while I am trying to preach. I have become a little used to these kind of things. So I just preached on. I looked down at him and noticed that he thought our floor was a little dry and decided to wet it. Yes, he peed on the floor. You ask, “What did you do?” Nothing, just kept preaching.

Sorry, back to the two young men. They came in during the message and said good morning really loud. With my attention deficit disorder I got a little sidetracked but figured I could get back on track. What happened next really messed me up. One of them stopped at the door bowed his head and prayed. Then he took two steps and did the same thing. I am trying to preach but thinking, what in the world is he trying to prove? He did this two more times as he advanced to his seat, and then finally, he sat down. I suppose that I should have had a good attitude about their prayers, but it was all for show. They listened well and as I gave the invitation to accept Jesus they both raised their hand. They prayed to accept Jesus and so did an older woman. God is so good.

One Response to “Three saved on Sunday!”

  1. David Lundy Says:

    Praise God for the saved souls. You are doing a hard, but good work and God is blessing big time. Don’t stop now.

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