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Our Muslim Neighbors (from Rebecca)

Our hearts break for the number of people trapped in the Muslim religion here. There are several different sects, and the family next door to our church belongs to one of the stricter sects. Today, I (Rebecca) was able to go with two other women from our church and meet the lady. She mostly speaks the tribal language so my attempts to greet her in the past using French haven’t been too successful. We basically just wanted to establish a friendship with the lady and let her know that we, as a church, care about her and her family. I was surprised at the warm reception the lady gave us.

Her four children weren’t home at the time, but the children’s clothing hanging on the clothes line, was evidence of the precious young souls that also live there. I kept wondering, as I looked at the clothes and thought of the little ones, if they will ever be able to hear and accept the truth. They like to sneak into the churchyard whenever they can and see what is going on, and they are always excited to greet my husband when they see him.

It is quite obvious that this dear lady would not be allowed to come to regular services so one of the ladies with me invited her to our free French classes, also held at the church. She said that her husband (a Muslim leader) would not even allow her to come to these courses. She could probably be easily won to the Lord if she had the freedom to come to church. Before she escorted us outside the gate this evening, she first went inside to get a traditional Muslim garment to wrap over her already modest dress. She would only step outside the gate once her head and all the rest of her were covered with this long garment. I was informed that in the past, she has even had to weir a veil to cover her face. Please pray for this sweet lady and many like her who would most likely be very open to the gospel if their husbands would allow them to come to church. Pray for the husbands as well to be open to the truth and for the children trapped in darkness in homes where they are forbidden to go to Bible preaching churches.

4 Responses to “Our Muslim Neighbors (from Rebecca)”

  1. John Pearson Says:

    Rebecca: I praise God for your heart. I thought of you and the kids and commented to my family as we looked at pictures with David and Ann this week what tremendous faith we see in you and Keith as you serve God in Burkina Faso. The country has been given a great light and a time to listen and accept through the faithfulness of your family. Thanks for this great testimony. We will be praying for the lady you met today.

  2. David Lundy Says:

    Thank you for the post. It really makes your heart hurt for these people, knowing they are trapped. It almost seems like the lady knows that the muslim religion will get her know where and what you are offering will. I will pray for her and that her husband’s heart will turn.

  3. Sandy Pearson Says:

    Rebecca, It’s so good to see a blog entry written by a missionary wife. I know you have the same heart for the souls in Africa that your husband has. We have been praying for the ministry there. I will be praying that somehow you will be able to lead this woman and many others to the Lord. God bless you.

  4. April Baker Says:

    Rebecca, I always enjoy hearing how God is working in the life of your family. Your heart simply amazes me. I am praying for you my friend. Look forward to visiting you soon.

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