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Please pray for Salif

We have a night guard by the name of Salif.  He has been my guard since I came to Africa.  He has been very, very faithful to my family and is is also faithful to the Lord.  He grew up in a Muslim home.  At a young age he was sent away to learn the Koran.  His father was the leader of the Muslims in his village.  Salif became my guardian by the grace of God.  He was with my for two years before he got saved.  I need to write this whole story one day.  He is now faithful to teach the kids, lead singing or whatever I ask him to do.

He hasn’t been feeling well the last few days.  The great problem is that Africans, when not feeling well, tell you they are o.k.  We always say that they can have a gun to their head and say that there isn’t any problems.  Tonight he didn’t come to church which I am not sure when or if there was a time he hasn’t come since being saved.  He came to work and couldn’t even walk straight because he is so sick tonight.  I looked for a pharmacy, which can be hard to find one open at night, and it took us 35 min.  I bought him some medicine for Typhoid Fever.  He had already started a treatment for malaria.  He is on our couch this very minute sleeping.  Please pray for his health.  He is a great friend and brother in Christ.  He gave a testimony the other day that he didn’t look at me as his boss but as his brother.  Nothing could have made me more proud.  Amen!

2 Responses to “Please pray for Salif”

  1. Anne Says:

    Praying for Salif

  2. Leo Shumaker Says:


    Let Salif know that Mom and I are including him in our prayers. Also, let Omar know we are praying for him and to remain firm in his convictions – it is God we must please and not our friends.


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