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The story of Kam

Here is our latest prayer letter that is being sent out in the next few days.  I thought I would post the story of Kam’s life.  God is so good.


It is with great pleasure that I write to tell you about Kam. He comes from a tribe in Burkina Faso that is deeply rooted in Islam.  He left his hometown in search of work and found so much more than he ever expected.

He ended up in the city of Kaya.  Upon arriving he heard, from a friend, that there was a lady about 15 miles away and she can help them have great success in their work.  This lady is known for her powerful witchcraft. Kam and his friend traveled to the village of Fatin.  They spent lots of money as this lady performed  her demonic celebration.  He told me that in spite of all they spent, the outcome wasn’t great.

A little over a year ago, Pastor Konaté’s wife, invited Kam’s wife to church.  Kam’s wife said that she would have to ask her husband.  Surprisingly, he gave her permission and she came.  She brought her husband to church and they both believed on Christ.

Even though he is a successful brick mason, he felt the tug of God to do much more: to preach the Gospel.  He never received a great education as a child but felt that God would help him to learn.  When he heard that our Bible College is getting ready to start another year, he was thrilled to join.

During the first week of Bible College in Pissila, in November 2017, the students were talking about the need of starting new churches in the thousands of villages across Burkina Faso.  Kam began to think about Fatin.  He realized he went the first time to try to fulfill his own needs but God began to put a burden on his heart to go back and try to fulfill the greatest need of the people of this village.  He wasn’t sure how to find it again but he went out one day searching for it.  He found it by God’s grace.  He began to talk to the chief and the chief asked him to come and start a church.  This brings us to January 2018.  Kam, members of Pastor Konaté’s church and myself went out on a Saturday.  We held children‘s programs, showed a gospel video, preached and had our first service on Sunday morning.  God blessed greatly and we were able to witness around 15 being born again.

The week after we kicked off the church, the chief raised his hand at the invitation time showing he needed to be saved.  By God’s grace the chief and a few other men trusted Jesus as their Saviour.  This is nothing short of a miracle as most men, especially the chief, are very reluctant to break tradition and follow Christ.  Pastor Konaté shared with me the other day that he has started discipleship with the chief.

Thanks so much for your prayers and support.  Without them, stories like this wouldn’t be possible.



Kam is a brick mason by trade.  He is the one on the right.

Kam is a brick mason by trade. He is the one on the right.


The chief is the one that is standing up on the right.

The chief is the one that is standing up on the right.

One Response to “The story of Kam”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    Been praying for you, your people and property as you have made news (Burkina Faso) in the local Tucson newspaper. Sounds like you are being blessed.
    Stay safe. Love & Prayers. Bonnie Peace, Tucson, AZ.

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