New church plant in Zagtouli

God was gracious in allowing us to buy the land here in Zagtouli.  We have also been able to build a straw hangar, where we have been having services the last few months.   We have been working extremely hard since the beginning of the new church plant in Zagtouli.  God has saved many souls.  We have started a youth meeting on Saturday nights.  Bro. Jason Rishel and his wife Charity started a Wednesday kids club.

We started Sunday School a few weeks ago. We have been teaching a Baptism course for our Sunday school lessons.  We just finished the course week before last, and we had our first Baptism this past Sunday morning.  We will be teaching a new membership class for the next 5 – 6 months for our next Sunday school lessons.   We want people to know why we are a Baptist church and also know what a great honor it is to belong to a church.  Too many come to a church seeking what the church has to offer them instead of asking themselves how they can serve in the church.

It has been interesting starting back over after 10 years.  After working with mature believers, I forgot about some of the situations we faced in the beginning stages.  There are a lot of blessings and there are a lot of challenges. Through it all God is faithful and good.  Thanks so much for your prayers, love and support.




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  1. Bonnie Peace says:

    Praise God for a good/make that a GREAT summer for the Lord.