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10th Anniversary of Living Water Baptist Church

It really is hard to believe that 10 years have passed since we started Living Water Baptist Church.  I have had the great privilege of being the lead pastor during this time.   God has been so good to us over the years.  The church has matured to a good level.  Sure there is room for improvement like in every church, but we are pleased at what God has done.

  • Many souls have passed from death unto life.  By God’s grace we have seen many, many people born again through the last 10 years.  God certainly has been good.
  • One of the greatest things that God has done is He has saved, called, and sent many men out of this church.  There have been 6 men that have been trained and sent out of this local church.
  • There are currently around 22 active ministries in the church that are functioning very well.
  • Our youth choir has greatly blossomed over the last few years.  Their practice and determination has allowed them to become a great choir.
  • I am truly proud of all the members, especially the youth.  Youth in Burkina is from around 14 until you are married.  They truly have a heartbeat for God and are already the pillars of the church.
  • God has given a tremendous pastor.  Pastor Justin truly loves the Lord with all his heart.  He is a great leader, preacher, and shepherd. 

Please be in much prayer over the next few days.  This Sunday we are trying to have around 1000 people to come together and celebrate our 10th anniversary.  I told the church on Sunday that normally celebrating an anniversary is a time of relaxing and being served, but for us it will be a time of great work.  There is nothing greater than celebrating your 10th anniversary by celebrating many souls that have been born again.  Pray that God would use the preaching on this big day to get the Gospel out to many.

Pastor Justin Simpore with Pastor Ake

One Response to “10th Anniversary of Living Water Baptist Church”

  1. Bonnie Peace Says:

    Great letter, great testimony. Our children do watch what we do & say.
    Congratulations on your 10th!

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