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Looking for gold but found something better

A few days ago, I was with Pastor Konate in Kaya helping to prepare for the 3rd anniversary of the Fundamental Baptist Church. A young man named Adama got saved and has been coming to the church almost since it began.  (He is the young man standing right next to me in the picture below.)   Konate took him in like his own son. His family lives in a village about 12 miles from Kaya, and he was abandoned by others in town. We have helped pay for his school costs the last two years. He finished number 1 in his class this year. He loves God, leads the singing at the church, teaches the children, is faithful to evangelism, etc.

Konate asked me if we could go and visit a village while I was in town. I agreed, not realizing that this was Adama’s village until we arrived. As we approached, I saw a young man walking on the road. He was literally covered in dirt. Then, I saw another. I asked them why were they so dirty. Adama explained that there is gold on the other side of the village. He took us there so we could see what was going on. There were men, women, and youth who were scattered in different places working. They dig holes in the ground and sift the dirt looking for small pieces of gold.

Then, we drove to where Adama grew up.   His family was happy to see him. Many of the little kids screamed and ran away as they saw a huge white man get out of the car. Many of them have never seen a white man. After greeting the family, Adama asked me if I could preach the Gospel to his family. After giving them the simple plan of Salvation, I gave an invitation. Many of them raised their hands expressing their desire to believe on Jesus. I didn’t count how many prayed, but there were at least 15 or more. Their hope and desire for so many years was to find some gold, but they have now found something more precious than gold. They have found Christ.  Every place that they dug looking for gold left a huge hole.  Even if they find some gold, this world will leave them empty. I am glad that Christ won’t.

Keith Shumaker

Not sure if you can see the holes but they were all over the place.

Not sure if you can see the holes very well but they were all over the place.

One Response to “Looking for gold but found something better”

  1. Bonnie Peace Says:

    You two are WAY too young to be grandparents……………but God is good. Happy to hear of the new churches your ‘God children’ have started and how God has blessed them. Always glad to hear your good news. Stay healthy.

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