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Bro. Duane Moore and group

We finished up having a great time with Bro. Duane Moore, Bro. Gary Crisp and his wife and Kellie Pearcy a few weeks ago.  They were all used in tremendous ways.  One of our members said, “The presence of other Baptist believers strengthens us.”  We live in country where most don’t know a Baptist.  We mostly have Muslims, Catholics, and assemblies of God in Burkina Faso.  When our members see that they aren’t alone, they are touched and excited.

Bro. Moore and Bro. Crisp preached many times.  They challenged our people and our preachers.  Bro. Moore preached out of John 4 for days.  I will never look at John 4 the same way again.

I have known Bro. Moore for about 12 years.  He has a bigger heart than I am tall.  He would see something and say, “buy it for this pastor or this person”. He was not only a blessing in his preaching but also in his love and compassion.

I translated for many days and many hours.  Tuesday evening my ears began to hurt.  I tried to translate Wednesday morning but with the pain it wasn’t possible.  I went to the doctor and was told that I have an infection.  I was giving medicine but over a week later I still have problems.  No pain but my ear fills stopped up, can’t hear well and it keeps popping.  I also was hit by malaria on Wednesday but I am feeling lots better now.

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  1. Bonnie Peace Says:

    Your Wife! Your wife totally as our youth say, “She blows my mind”. When she spoke to the ladies at TBT (Tucson) she mentioned the MANY times you have suffered malaria. (As an ole RN I only saw 1 case, my uncle, father of missionary in Africa, ‘caught’ malaria when he visited his daughter.) As my patient in US, it was miserable. Now you have had this miserable disease XXX you never complain, it just goes with the job.

    May God bless you both and your pastors as you-all minister to those of your area

    (Husby) and I have ministered in Missionary Church Mission programs for over 40 yrs. Missions is my middle name altho I have only been blessed to visit a couple foreign fields. Never- the-less God knows my mind, my prayers are with HIS selfishLESS servants who GO. We may witness as we SIT in our comfort zone but God will surely bless you-ole who GO.

    Thank you for your service and your letters.

    Bonnie Peace (a young 83 for Missions)

    Tucson, AZ

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